Sacramento is using virtual reality in hopes that it might get Amazon to say "yes" to bring a second North American headquarter to the city.

The Greater Sacramento Economic Council is using virtual reality as part of their proposal, taking people on a tour of the possible building sites and some of the city's entertainment. They say there are 12 sites of more than 50 million square feet of office space ready for development.

Tre Borden/Co. and Davies Imaging pitched the idea to the Greater Sacramento Economic Council and they shot the video in a weekend.

The video takes you through Sacramento with you as a developer and Tre Borden as your tour guide.

"Everyone is gonna send proposals but part of what we wanted to do was show the innovative nature of our community," Broome said.

Borden said, "Even filming it people seeing it and asking what are you doing and explaining to them that Sacramento is going for this project."