A Sacramento woman is sharing her unique experiences after helping her family and donating goods in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Carmen Garcia Gomez went to Puerto Rico to help her family in Penuelas. She's now back in Sacramento but is already planning her next trip out there next month.

She's buying flashlights, lumber, lanterns and water bottles. She couldn't find them on the island to buy.

Water is especially important since many of them don't have fresh water or electricity.

"They're being told to not go to streams, because they're contaminated with raw sewage and dead animals so they can't get water at the stream to even wash their clothes," Garcia Gomez said.

She raised almost $15,000 of donations for food and water.

"I try to explain it to people: The love I have for Puerto Rico and I don't know if people understand," Garcia Gomez said. "It's like my homeland where my roots are. It's like you love a person. To see it in that state. It's so hard. It's so sad."

She's focused her sadness into volunteering and she’ll be back in Puerto Rico in a few weeks.