Jamie Madeline Edwards was moved when she heard her friends talk about an issue that affects many women: The fear of walking alone at night.

In fact, some of her friends, many who are students at Sacramento State, have been victims of assault.

And her friends are not alone. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports that one in five women will be sexually assaulted in college.

Edwards -- who runs "Water for Women," a women's empowerment group in Sacramento -- decided to take matters in to her own hands.

She recently started hosting a self-defense class for women out of her home in Sacramento.

"We had a meeting where we were just brainstorming on different issues that were on our hearts and that have impacted us," Edwards told ABC10. "And one of our members had brought up how not just here in Sacramento but across the world there have been issues with violence against women on campus during the day and at night."

"And a lot of women...they let me know that when they're leaving their class at night or leaving their job at night, they’re holding their keys in their hand ready to protect themselves in defense of whatever may come," she continued, "And you know that didn’t sit very well with me."

So began her goal to start a weekly self-defense class.

The class, which includes a group of roughly 8-12 women, will hold its fifth session Thursday. It's taught by Dante Clark, a self-defense instructor whose girlfriend is friends with Edward.

"I have three sisters, so this subject is really important to me," he told ABC10. "When it comes to being aware, number one: Be aware of your environment. If you don’t have to go out at night to go shopping, don’t. Especially the ATM."

"Then after that, if you are confronted with someone, if you can get away automatically, get away, but if all else fails that’s where training comes in," he added.

Edward, who is looking for a permanent space to host the class, said that anyone who wants to come to the class, even kids, are welcome. You can reach out out to her on her Facebook page.