A Sacramento woman is trying to rescue her family from Puerto Rico after a devastating hurricane hit the area almost two weeks ago.

Diana Gruber's parents grew up in Puerto Rico and she's trying to rescue her family who is stuck without power, low food supply, and little money.

"It's been one of those things where I just go into a room and cry to myself because I don't want to share that or burden anyone else with it," Gruber said.

Gruber is trying to bring her family here because of the conditions they're faced with in Puerto Rico.

However, it's been hard to find a flight.

"They don't have any power," Gruber said. "My grandmother is in a nursing home and they're living off a generator that's kind of running off fuel at this point. They haven't had any aid to that area yet. That's in Fajardo and my uncle finally got some gas yesterday and was able to pick up my aunt and my grandmother because he had to convince her it was time to come up to the states so we could take care of her."

Since banks are closed, her family hasn't been able to get cash out. They're also not able to fill up their cars because there is a limited amount of gas available.

"Somehow my aunt has power to her stove and cooking whatever she has in the cabinets but aside from that, candles," Gruber said. "They don't really have anything else."