Kristen Hoard makes a living selling what many of us would consider garbage and turning it into art.

"This is a plow blade from a tractor," said Hoard as she set up one of her designs on the wall. "It was all rusty and dirty, and I got it sand blasted, cut out the design, welded it, put the color, and then added LED lighting to it."

Hoard is one of the dozens of artists taking part in the 20th Annual Sacramento Arts Festival over the weekend.

Hoard's passion for transforming recycled metal into what she proudly calls masterpieces started about 15 years ago. "I would go to art shows and buy metal art, and I fell in love with it and I bought so much that a friend of mine was just like – why don't you take a class?"

So, she did. Hoard now works out of her garage, where she spends countless hours making all sorts of custom metal sculptures.

“It's the idea that you can go take something that was thrown away – gone – ready to be melted down, and instead, I can take it and turn it into a beautiful piece of art," Hoard said.

The opportunity to showcase her designs at the festival means more than just an opportunity to sell her work.

"I hope to inspire other people," Hoard explained. "I always tell people, 'if you have any little ounce of creativity, tap into that,' because I think everybody's creative. Everybody can do art or some sort of craft and it's a very Zen, in the moment type of feeling."

Hoard adds that she’s proud to be one of the few Sacramento women in the welding industry.

The Sacramento Arts Festival kicks off Friday, November 3 at 10:00 a.m. at the Sacramento Convention Center. It runs through Sunday, November 5. For more information, visit