The Sacramento Police and Sacramento Sheriff's Department held a joint press conference revealing an operation that targeted gang violence.

In August 2017, local law enforcement agencies began an operation addressing the increase in violent gang activity, which started after a homicide in Meadowview Park where five people were shot and one died.

"This investigation identified a feud between two rival street gangs dating back to 2015, where there were a number of shootings, attempted murders and murders," said Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn during the press conference.

The first phase finished on Dec. 14. Thirteen different agencies - from state, local and federal - were involved and over 200 law enforcement officers were involved in the operation.

Law enforcement made a total of 29 felony arrests and seized 211 firearms.

"This operation was not about legal guns, but rather guns that have been modified to be illegal or those guns possessed by prohibited persons," said Hahn. "Many of these guns have been modified our altered to be fully automatic."

The suspects are also facing a variety of charges that range from homicide, firearm trafficking and possession, narcotics sale, auto theft, identity theft and more.

This is far from over with officials saying it's still an ongoing investigation, not only in the city and county of Sacramento but other jurisdictions as well.