Where will downtown Sacramento be in 10 years?

That's the crux of Sacramento's Downtown Specific Plan, a decade-long look at paving the way for additional housing and other new projects in the downtown area.

Here's what you need to know about the plan:

1. Rehousing and tiny homes.

The city's goal is to bring "10,000 new places" to live to downtown Sacramento within the next decade. They want to look at partnering with employers to provide employee housing, as well as relief -- such as moving expenses -- when displacement occurs.

One ongoing plan also calls for rehousing 150 households a year, so people avoid falling into homelessness.

Sacramento even wants to look at affordable, alternative housing such as tiny homes.

2. A streetcar named Sacramento?

Did you know Sacramento had a functioning streetcar line up until 1947?

A proposed 3.3-mile streetcar route between West Sacramento Civic Center and midtown Sacramento is in the works. The city says construction on the streetcar "starter line" is scheduled to start in 2018, with a planned opening in 2020.

All in all, the streetcar system could include as many as 19 stops. Take a look at the potential stops in red below:

3. More public art?

The city wants to have a public art installation "somewhere between" the Capitol Building and Tower Bridge. They say the open space would benefit from an installation and act as a wayfinding point.

Moreover, the city also wants to add artwork adjacent to light rail and streetcar stations.

"We're going to make it easier to develop and to build," Mayor Darrell Steinberg said Monday evening at a community open house on the plan.