John Vinson knew he had to do something when New York's World Trade Center was stuck by terrorists.

"So, when I got off work, I went home and I got my son and a flag and I went over to the overpass by the Crocker Art Gallery over I-5 and during 5 o'clock traffic I started waving the flag and the community just started honking their horns," Vinson said.

And that gave him an idea.

In 2003, Vinson began gathering more flags and displaying them until the display grew so large it was moved to this lot in West Sacramento.

Altogether there are now close to 3,500 large and small flags.

Each one represents a life lost in New York along with other tragedies.

"We get a million tears through the days it is here. People come in, they walk the flags, they never seen so many flags and they feel really good,” Vinson said. “One thing I can say about this field is most people, probably 99 percent of them, they walk through this field and they feel better when they leave.”

The memorial has displays, not just for 9-11, but for those who lost their lives in Benghazi, the Orlando Nightclub shooting, the Boston Marathon Bombings and more.

Vinson says it takes 50 volunteers and two days to set up.

The display is free to visit.

It's open 24 hours, every day through September 11.

It is located in West Sacramento at the corner of Jefferson Blvd and Locks Drive.