Driving down Capitol Avenue in Sacramento, you may see something off-kilter this Halloween.

It’s not quite a haunted house (though a past owner says there may be a friendly lavender-scented ghost). Instead, it’s a turn-of-the-century Victorian lifted off the ground on stilts.

“The house was not really tied to the foundation, so lifting it off the foundation was relatively easy,” owner Kevin Boll said.

Boll and his partner Philip Trimboli purchased the house in 2014, after years of searching for a Victorian that hadn’t been gutted or split into separate apartments. But the house had a crumbling brick foundation that needed to be replaced.

The 70-ton house was lifted up and placed on wooden planks – stacked on top of each other, like the game Jenga. Once a concrete foundation is poured, the house will be lowered. Boll and Trimboli plan to do 90 percent of the work themselves.

“You just have to break it into pieces and do it in parts. Then it’s not as daunting, if you will,” Boll said.

As for the renovation, the couple plans to keep much of the original character and charm. The appliances, however, will be updated.

“It’s just the modern conveniences. Turning [an appliance] on, and it turns on without you having to worry about lighting it,” Boll said, laughing.