A new video art installation meant to bring awareness to issues impacting the city will take over an empty building on 10th and K Street through mid-July.

The exhibit titled "Beacon" is part of an expanding effort by young Democratic activists to brand Sacramento as the epicenter of the anti-Trump resistance movement.

Each week, "Beacon" will project different images on the K Street building all with a differing theme -- homelessness, the water crisis, immigration, etc -- meant to create dialogue.

It's "a public art video display that provocatively deals with the social issues we face every day," Jessa Ciel, the curator of the installation, described in a Sacramento Bee editorial.

The unveiling of the installation coincides with the California Democratic Convention taking place this week in Sacramento.

On Friday, the California Young Democrats will host a welcome reception at the Beacon exhibit. Saturday night, the group will host an even bigger event: a block party in Kayak Alley downtown featuring music-artist Common and California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

Despite some groups efforts, whether Sacramento is indeed the "resistance" city could be up for debate. Many counties in the Sacramento area did lean towards Donald Trump in the 2016 Election.