Overnight, Amazon skipped Thanksgiving and dragged customers into the holiday shopping season. But many people said they’re not ready for Christmas and still recovering from the Halloween sugar high.

Tuesday Amazon launched it's Black Friday deals.

"We start so much of this so early that we don't get to enjoy the holidays and be in the now,” said boutique owner Peggy Orr.

Orr runs the Pink House in East Sacramento. She said competing with online retailers gets harder every year.

"What am I going to do about it?" Orr asked. "I mean, we try our best as a small business."

So, is it too soon for Amazon to be offering Black Friday deals?

"Too soon, because I'm not ready for Christmas yet,” said Brittany Hobbs.

Or is Amazon on to something? For some, early deals means a jump start to holiday shopping.

"I think it's a good idea because for people who shop early like me, we like to get a jump on things,” said Andrea Rangel.

Amazon isn’t alone. Other big stores have had Christmas decorations on the shelves for weeks now.

Even Santa got a head start on the holiday season. Dave Blau, aka Santa, said he worked an event in October.

"I have several bookings. I think I have already 29 bookings already scheduled,” Blau said.

Still, as Christmas seems to come earlier every year, Santa reminds us what this season is all about.

"Don't worry about what's under the tree. That's what we consider gravy, that's not important. Just love one another, that's what it's about,” Blau said.