The heat may be pretty unbearable for some, but for athletes it can be a good thing.

At the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships [USATF] at Sacramento State, adjustments have been made because of high temperatures for Thursday and Sunday, according to their website.

"That's why we're out here today and a couple of days early so you can come out and experience the environment," Jaide Stepter said.

She also says the higher temperatures helps her body get loose since her muscles are warm. Other athletes say they're trying to not focus on the heat but rather the competition.

"We train for this one moment and you gotta embrace it no matter what the condition is," Bershawn Jackson said.

Stepter's mom Latanya Sheffield will be watching in the stands and is keeping her mind cool.

"It certainly is very warm here, but I think it's not gonna be any more hot for any other coach, athlete so we're just gonna handle it," Sheffield said.