Robin Wellman is one of those people you see ringing a bel, standing next to a red Salvation Army kettle outside a random business.

You never really know who the ringer is, or if they have a story to tell.

She does, though, have a story.

She volunteers to ring the Salvation Army bell four times a week for six hour a day. That's a lot. What’s her strategy to getting money to put money in the kettle?

"Well, a big smile always helps," Wellman said. "You know we're not here to push anyone into giving."

Wellman is more than just a bell-ringing volunteer. She just retired after 27 years in administration for the state parks system.

She’s also lived a life that at one point included needing some of the donations for which she now collects.

The Salvation Army was there for her father when he got down on his luck 70 years ago. Years later, she fell behind on bills as a single mom and also received help from The Salvation Army. They helped pull her through and become a success.

“I feel blessed," Wellman said. "I'm the one people say thank you so much and you Merry Christmas to you but I’m blessed and honored when people give out of their pocket when times are so hard. I think everyone has a good heart and if they can give, they will if it's the right time for them"

Wellman is not just volunteering, but returning a favor to an agency that helped her family, and happy to do it.