It's a school job that's outside of the classroom: getting kids to and from school.

And in the Sacramento area the jobs are in high demand.

Elk Grove, Rocklin, Roseville and San Juan Unified School District are looking to hire part and full-time bus drivers.

Trina Kennedy says job cuts at AT&T five years ago forced her to find a different career path after 25 years.

"[AT&T] took the group I was working at and they consolidated it down back to Orange County and I wanted to stay up north," Kennedy said.

While driving her son to school one day, she saw a sign that said the district was hiring bus drivers.

At first, the huge fleet of buses are overwhelming, but over time, the job becomes enjoyable, Kennedy said.

"Once you get past the training, and you get your own route, and you get your own kids...that's when it gets good," she said.

Five years later, the demand for bus drivers hasn't changed.

According to the Elk Grove Unified School District Director of Transporation Jill Ganaldo, it's a job that has lots of flexibility.

"You can work in the morning and then in the afternoon," Ganaldo said. "If you want to do a field trip, you can work during the middle of the day...or do a football game on a Friday night, or a trip to the zoo during the day."

For Trina Kennedy, from greeting children in the morning to sending them off in the afternoon, the job involves a lot more than just driving.

"It's impactful," she said. "It's an opportunity to make a difference in kids' lives."

All districts are also hiring attendants and mechanics for their respective transportation teams.

They are holding a job fair this Saturday, from 8 a.m. to noon at Florin High School.

Each District's Transportation Manager will be on hand for interview opportunities. No experience is required.

To contact about job opportunities, or to learn more about what it takes to become a bus driver, click here.