A campaign is underway called 'RePower the Tower' to light the Tower Bridge in Sacramento with LED lights.

"That bridge shining on the beautiful river is just an awesome view," said Sandy Smoley, one of the organizers.

Smoley is the one who originally helped light the Tower Bridge since 1989.

"My sister did it in Toledo, Ohio and I came out of a fashion show on the west steps of the capitol and looked out to a black hole and I said wait a minute this is awful," Smoley said. "It was our sesquicentennial and I said lets light up the bridge."

Now, they want to give the bridge a makeover. They're planning on installing more than 300 energy efficient LED lights. They also want to have a color component to change lights on opening night of the Kings and on holidays.

They're offering people an opportunity to buy a light on the bridge and contribute starting at $20.

"I think it would be fantastic," said Allie Russell, a Sacramento resident. "We go to the Bay Area all the time so we see the Bay Bridge lit up with all the lights. I think that would be super cool."

Organizers hope to raise anywhere between $600,000 to $900,000 for the project and they're optimistic they'll be able to hold an event to celebrate the new lights in October.