Bill Finkbeiner was on a levee above the American River Parkway when he was hit on June 13 while running with friends.

"The split second I moved it hit me, and I can still completely remember that impact," Finkbeiner said.

According to Sacramento County Park Ranger Michael Doane, they were unable to get an affidavit for a search warrant to identify the suspect for a felony hit-and-run because it involved a bike not a vehicle.

Finkbeiner has multiple injuries including skull and facial fractures, a broken wrist which required surgery and lost teeth.

"I just never would've guessed," Finkbeiner said. "I don't know why I don't have whiplash, because I can totally relive that impact in my back."

His running friends Leigh Rutledge and Bill Hambrick were there and saw the person who hit him take off.

"I would like that person to realize what he did to Bill in a split second he changed a lot of lives," Hambrick said.

Finkbeiner says he wants to move on and focus on his recovery.

"I guess this was lucky in some ways," Finkbeiner said. "It would've been nicer to land in the grass."

Finkbeiner was inducted into the Sacramento Running Association Hall of Fame in 2015. He was training for a 100-miler in August when he was hit.