Friday night's football game at Whitney High School in Rocklin was about more than just football.

It was also about remembering Nathan Taylor, the CHP officer who lost his life in March when he was hit by a car near Donner Summit.

After his death, stories about how Taylor would go out of his way to help those in need came pouring in. One was about how he bought a plane ticket for a stranger so she could visit a dying relative. Another story was about how Taylor spent his whole day buying parts to fix the car of someone he had pulled over. Countless other stories were about how Taylor often let those he pulled over go without a ticket after hearing what they were going through.

At the football game, his sons were made honorary members of the team. The entire football stadium was asked to stand and give a moment of silence to Taylor.

His wife Becky said people have honored him in a way that she would have never expected.

"It's not these kind of things that are emotional. It's when I get home and he's not there," Becky said. "It's easy to forget when we're out and about. When we get home and he's not there and I can't tell him about wonderful things that are happening, those are the times that it's hard to keep going."

Becky added that although she is still heartbroken over losing him, she is happy that other people now know what an amazing human being he was.