Did you see it?

Eagle-eyed Sacramentans may have noticed a minor error in new parking signs popping up across the midtown and downtown area.

It’s the “2+ Hours” SacPark signs in question.

In the fine print the signs currently read “Rate increases after 2 hour. See meter display for details.”

Except, it’s that first “hour” that has some readers wondering why that word isn’t plural. After all, the rules of English would indicate if there is more than one of something, even an hour, it should be plural.

In other words, the sign should read “Rate increases after 2 hours,” not “2 hour.”

Sacramento Public Works officials are aware of the problem, said Marycon Razo, spokeswoman for the City of Sacramento, except replacing every sign simply wouldn’t be cost effective.

Instead, Razo said city officials are exploring realistic options, including possibly placing a stencil on each sign and painting in the missing “S.”

The added work isn’t expected to create extra costs, Razo said.