You're likely to see someone around your area who owns dogs, cats or other animals, but the county you're in does enforce different rules and limits for specific animals..

On Tuesday, Los Angeles County supervisors unanimously approved a rule change that will raise the dog limit from three to four per household, according to the Associated Press.

This decision prompted questions about what Sacramento County's enforcement regulations are in place.

In Sacramento County, a person is allowed to have up to four mature cats and four mature dogs on one lot, building, structure, enclosure or premises.

A caveat to having more than four animals is that it requires a use permit for a kennel.

Though cats and dogs are regulated by the county's zoning code, other household pets are not.

Other notable animals mentioned:

Pigs are permitted animals but fall in the Agricultural and Agricultural-Residential zones (with additional limits on zones AR-1 and AR-2).

The minimum net area required for personal use is of approximately 20,000 square feet. Also, parcels must have a two acre minimum for commercial use.

Also, according to the county, a person is allowed to have "as many chickens and horses as you are able to maintain in a healthy, sanitary, and nuisance-free condition are permitted, provided the minimum lot size is met."

Chickens require more than 10,000 square feet in the Agricultural, Urban Reserve, Interim Agricultural Reserve, Agricultural-Residential, Recreation Reserve, Commercial, Light Industrial, Office Park, and RD1-7 zones while horses must have over 20,000 square feet in those exact zones.


Remember, if a pet owner is not keeping their animal under control or following regulations, then residents can contact Animal Care and Regulation website or call the Sacramento Mediation Center at (916) 441-7979.