The Natomas Jr. Nighthawks organization has restocked its fireworks stand at Truxel Road and Del Paso Boulevard after $7,000 worth of product was stolen on June 28.

Since then, people have flocked to the fireworks stand from as far as San Francisco to give the team cash donations.

So far they have raised more than half of what they need to break even or a little more than $4,500.

The team has received higher donations of $1,000 and $500 – As well as lots of smaller donations. Some people are also showin their support by purchasing fireworks.

During the Independence Day season you’ll see fireworks stands opening up in parking lots and other areas across Northern California.

Many of the TNT and Phantom fireworks sold at these stands benefit non-profit groups like the Natomas Jr. Nighthawks Football and Cheer team.

Volunteer Coach Mike Smith said thieves used a torch to break the lock and steal fireworks from the groups steel storage container.

"This thing is like the life,” Smith said. “This is the number one fundraiser we start with a year."

The youth team which serves 6-14 year olds holds several fundraisers each year to offset the cost for parents. The program’s $60,000 budget comes completely from donations.

For the last five years, the fireworks fundraiser has accounted for about 10 percent or more of the yearly budget.

"You know those thieves got something and they're going to go out and make some money off of it,” Smith said. “But they didn't steal from me. They didn’t' steal from coach Gutierrez. They stole from the kids that are in this program."

As the City of Sacramento Police look into the theft – The team’s coaches are sleeping out in front of the stand to keep a watchful eye on their product through the fourth of July.