After two long weeks of waiting and searching, a couple is reunited with their dog who escaped from a Sacramento pet boarding facility.

Brian Cudahy dropped off Patches two weeks ago at Sacramento Pet Resort and Spa.

"When I showed up on Friday he was a little skiddish and I think he thought I was trying to leave him but I told him it'll be OK," said Brian Cudahy, Patches' owner. "I'll be back for him."

The next day he got a call that Patches got under a fence at the facility and escaped.

Brian Cudahy and his fiance Roxanne Ullman live in Fairfield and they spent days searching and putting up fliers around Sacramento, but there was no sign of Patches.

Two weeks later Nate Cinder, who works at the Sacramento SPCA, found Patches on his way to work on South Watt Avenue.

"He ran out in front of the car in front of me and everybody got together and made sure he was not going anywhere," Cinder said.

Ullman said it wasn't coincidence, but fate. The vet at the Sacramento SPCA said Patches is in good shape even though he made his way five miles away from where he escaped.

As to what Patches did to survive those two weeks, it's a mystery. But his parents are making sure he doesn't leave their side again.

We reached out to the Sacramento Pet Resort and Spa and they gave us a statement.

"We have repaired the external damage by adding solid concrete reinforcement to our security fencing. Our board of directors voted on, and approved an additional inside fencing that will be added to the existing secure fencing at a significant cost. We are confident that this course of action will not only be the best course of action for the safety of all the dogs in our care, but will be the next industry standard. We look forward to showing these changes to the dog community in the near future. We would like the dog community to understand that the chain of events that caused the mishap, although unusual, is now impossible going forward. We are glad that patches was found and returned to his owners. It is important for the community to understand our heartfelt and sincere feelings for what has happened. Which we did, and still do take full responsibility for. We also would like Patches Mom and the community to understand what we did to try and help locate patches. These are the following steps we did try and locate patches: contact local SPCAs around Sacramento, Contacted animal control to make them aware of the situation. Walked around with patches dad to all local businesses and talked with them regarding a missing dog. Printed out lost dog flyers and displayed them in the neighborhood. Staff followed leads and sightings from the community in order to search for patches. Lastly we would like for the community to know that we did keep our word and gave the person who found Patches the 1,000.00 Reward as promised."

Cinder didn't want to take the reward money for finding Patches. The couple instead decided to donate the money to the Sacramento SPCA.