A Sacramento man known for his love of riding motorbikes is fighting for his life.

On June 4th near El Camino and Eastern, Craig Allen Pinney was hit by someone driving under the influence while crossing an intersection.

His daughter Cassandra said her father was thrown off his bike 100 feet in the air. He broke both his arms, both his legs, punctured multiple arteries and went into cardiac arrest after 8-and-a-half hours of surgery.

He has now been in a coma for over a month and his family is praying for a miraculous recovery.

"My dad's always been my best friend," Cassandra said. "I grew up on the back of the motorcycle before I could even reach the pegs. As soon as I could reach the ground, he threw me on one."

Cassandra has a matching tattoo with his father, featuring a 'S' for Suzuki motorcycles and CAP, their matching initials. She also has another tattoo that resembles a heartbeat with a motorcycle because as she says, her heart beats for riding.

As she is praying for her father to wake up, she is wearing a key of his around her neck that she made into a necklace.

"He raised me into riding and drag racing," Cassandra said. "Now, I work in motorcycle shops."

With a life revolved around motorbikes, Cassandra knew there were dangers for her and her father around every corner. But what happened in June is still very surreal.

"This is a horrible dream that I definitely wish we weren't going through," Cassandra said. "He's always the one I call. Everyday, I want to call daddy and I can't."

Cassandra and her father have a tradition of texting each other at 9:29 every morning and evening because they love the Honda 929 motorcycle. Even though he's in a coma, she is still sending him those texts to continue the tradition.

She also has a surprise for him when he wakes up, a ring on the special finger.

"I call [my boyfriend] my fiance," Cassandra said. "Well actually, he's waiting to ask my dad...because daddy's not here to give him his blessing."

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the Pinney family with medical bills and keep the community updated. Cassandra also plans on organizing a benefit ride and barbecue next month.