Unwanted spray paint and glass etched flowers have recently popped up in the downtown Sacramento area.

The person is from Miami and goes by the pseudonym “Ze_Florist” according to the Instagram account claimed to be run by the artist.

Employees at The Naked Lounge Coffee House on Q Street say flowers were etched into the businesses front and side windows on two separate occasions.

“All I would really say is c’mon. Stop,” said Elise Neal who has worked at the coffee shop five years. “Use your creative energy for something a little bit better.”

Similar looking spray painted flowers were found on a wall, across a vacant building window, and etched into the glass at another business along 16th Street.

"I mean even if it looks good and it's art, if it ain't on a canvas where it belongs it don't belong, period,” said Sacramento native Aaron Maskell.

Graffiti is art but there is a difference between being destructive and not, said David Sobon with the Sacramento Art Commission.

Sobon is also the founder of Wide Open Walls, an event in Sacramento dedicated to bringing art and murals to private and public spaces across the city.

"I think he's a felon, he's reckless, and he's destroying property,” Sobon said. “I think people have made some comments that some of it is pretty and that's sort of beside the point."

The City of Sacramento Police Department has yet to receive a report on these images popping up around the downtown area.

The city requires that building owners clean up vandalism and graffiti when it happens. The city does offer a one time gallon of paint for property owners that have fallen victim, information can be found on the anti-graffiti program page.