A Sacramento native is encouraging people to take regional transit as a safe alternative when drinking.

Adam Wong, 20, is a Kennedy High School graduate and is currently studying at Sacramento City College in hopes of one day becoming a fire fighter.

The college student isn’t even old enough to drink – But he wants to help people most of all.

So, he made a map to help prevent drunk driving crashes. Wong lost a high school classmate who was killed by a drunk driver. Wong said he had several friends who have been arrested for driving while under the influence.

So, Wong has put together a map using Google titled “Light Rail: Your Friendly DD,” It shows all the locations downtown where alcohol is served and their proximity to regional transit.

The map aims to make it easier to know where people can drink and how far they'll need to go to get to regional transit.

He hopes people will use it and the regional transit system instead of drinking and driving.