Schirrell Ellison was hoping to buy some Rice Crispy Treat edibles when she made her first trip to a marijuana dispensary on Monday. But like many first-timers hoping to try new edible products, she was told the dispensary had sold out.

It’s been one week since recreational weed became legal in California, and already some dispensaries in Sacramento say they’re experiencing a shortage of edibles.

Curtis Ducart, the purchasing manager at River City Phoenix dispensary, said the short supply is two-fold.

On one hand, demand has gone up since January 1 (Ducart said most new customers have been interested in buying edibles). On the other hand, the number of manufacturers that make edibles has gone down.

“We went from right around 13 different edible companies, to about 3,” said Ducart.

One of those three manufacturers is Kiva Confections. Their COO Kristi Knoblich Palmer said that since they are one of the few manufactures currently licensed to sell edibles, the Bay Area based company is getting inundated with larger orders that are now taking longer to fill.

“It’s mainly because the packaging has changed,” Palmer explained. “So what used to take us a certain amount of time to get out the door, the time frame has just about doubled or tripled the amount of time it takes us to create a finished good.”

The reason River City Phoenix said they are not experiencing a shortage of smokable marijuana is because it is easier to stock up on.

“Those are items that don’t go bas as quickly as edibles would…most edibles are perishable,” said Ducart.

The shortage of edibles, however, is believed to be part of the inevitable growing pains.

“Absolutely,” Ducart explained. “We’ll probably feel this way for the next year.”