A Sacramento police officer was arrested Friday night at a local hotel on drug-related charges after a weeks-long investigation, the Sacramento Police Department announced.

The department received information Oct. 13 that officer Isaac Richard Knutila, 45, was possibly involved in "prostitution-related activity" at a Sacramento-area hotel.

After weeks of surveillance investigating, detectives issued a search warrant of Knutila and his property.

Police officers are sworn to serve and protect. So, what could possibly make a police officer break the law?

Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento, Mindi Russell, has been working with police officers for the past 25 years.

“They not only have stressors that we all face every single day, but they also have the stressors because they wear a badge,” Russell said. "Police officers are held to a higher standard than most in the public eye."

They also face many challenges in their position that must be balanced.

“And if they don’t stay balanced with their work, their play, their family life, and all of that – It’s very easy to get off the mark,” Russell said.

Dr. Ramona Brockett is a New York based criminologist and lawyer who has studied the career of police officers.

“People who are not police people, we sit back and we go hmm, how is it that there committing this crime?” Brockett said.

“They’re a policeman they should know, they took an oath, they did this, they did that. They’re protecting us.”

Brockett said a number of factors could lead law enforcement to commit crimes citing inadequate pay as an example.