Eyes were on televisions from bars to restaurants for the second presidential debate.

At the Yolo County Republican Watch Party, many are Donald Trump supporters and stand by him, even after he made controversial comments in a 2005 video leaked just days ago.

"I think there are bigger issues than this," said one Trump supporter, Alzada Knickerbocker. "He did apologize for it and they were words, and I think we're thinking of our country in a dire situation."

Many are interested in hearing what both sides have to say about issues like taxation and national defense.

"I'd like to see more of issues and less of personality," said another Trump supporter, Easan Katir.

Over in Sacramento, a watch party was held for Hilary Clinton supporters. Many say they wanted to hear more about issues and strategies but didn't hear a lot of them.

"She's like, ‘how do I deflect from someone who is not even running for president,’” said Clinton supporter Tre Borden. "He's Trump. Trump is running for Trump."

Many others who showed up to watch parties came for entertainment and to support their favorite candidate.

"I think this debate will solidify to a lot of people that Hilary is the right choice, the reasonable choice, the rational choice and watching Trump implode as it progresses is kind of the outcome," said another Clinton supporter, Sarah Gelpi.