23-year-old Nathan Cole's body was found Wednesday.

Sacramento police say a fisherman spotted a body floating in the river by Pioneer Bridge. Cole's family has confirmed it's him.

Cole was hanging out with friends in the water near Old Sacramento when he got lost in the current.

His friends tried to go in but couldn't save him.

"I want people to know its dangerous and that it looks ok to go in but it's not and it's not worth it. It's not the risk of something could happen to you," said Courtney Glaha, Cole's sister.

We wanted to get a closer look at how dangerous the water really is and met up with Ed Lopez of Kayaking Fit.

"You gotta do your research before you go out in the water," Lopez said. "Every river has a current and has a canyon when you go into the river you may think there's a shallow point but by the time you go to the shallow point you step into that deep end and there goes the current and it takes you away."

He also says the water is colder on the bottom and can get dangerous.

He explains how to properly wear a life vest.

"Every time you wear a life vest you wanna loosen it up because the person before you could've been thicker or thinner," Lopez said.

He said kayaking isn't dangerous as long as you have the right kayak for the water and a well fitted life vest.

A Sacramento County Park Ranger warns while the water may be fine closer to the surface, it's cold several feet down.