Have you seen a black leather bible?

A Modesto woman and her family are desperate to find it.

Morgan Millunzi‘s father John passed away in December 2015.

He suffered from multiple scoliosis and Millunzi said he had few possessions.

“There are very few things my dad carried around. He was a very simple man. God was number one and family was number two,” Millunzi said.

Millunzi’s brother, Joey, is a Marine and was visiting home over the weekend to celebrate a friend’s engagement.

They were eating at a Lincoln Center restaurant in Stockton on Saturday, when they came back to their truck they realized it had been broken into.

The only thing missing: a backpack.

Among the items inside their beloved father’s bible.

“The laptop is replaceable, hats are replaceable, a backpack, but I have my dad’s ring and I have his ashes and my brother had his bible,” Millunzi said.

Now she’s taken to the internet hoping to find it.

She describes it as a black leather bible. She said on the inside are her parent’s handwritten names: John and Caroline Millunzi.

Millunzi said her father also highlighted and made a number of notes in the bible.

She said Stockton 209 Cares, a community group, is offering a $200 reward for its return.

They are just praying for its return, no questions asked.

If you know anything about the bible you can email: mjmj1103@gmail.com.