When Tim Arias, 49, of West Sacramento was killed in a motorcycle accident. His family lost a bright light in their world.

"He had an amazing, brilliant smile that lit up the room," said Cecilia Dennis, his youngest sister. "It was just captivating. He was a man of honor. He was a man of God."

Tim was the second youngest of six siblings. He had five children himself and was his family's sole provider.

CHP believes Tim lost control of his motorcycle on his way to work on December 16. The winds were extremely gusty on this day.

His wife Emma was in the UK when she got the news. Her own father had just passed away two weeks ago, and she was overseas to bury him. Emma rushed back to West Sacramento.

"It was so hard for her to come in the house, seemed like an hour," said Cecilia. "We were standing outside with her, holding each other up so she could muster up the strength to go inside."

Members of the Southport Church in West Sacramento and family friends started a GoFundMe page to help the family with funeral expenses and more.

"Being able to accept the support has been a humbling experience," said Cecilia. "That comes with faith and being able to lean on each other and let people help you."

Before Tim's death, their family had decided not to get gifts this year so money could be used for Emma to fly to the UK to lay her own father to rest. When the community found out about this decision, they made sure to step in and bring gifts.

"[The family] came home to an abundance of gifts," said Cecilia, through tears. "It doesn't bring Tim back. You can't gift that back. But it made it very apparent how the people wanted to love and support them and that's the biggest gift of all."