After a pair of October Sacramento-area armed bank robberies, the FBI is turning to the public for help identifying the suspect.

The first robbery was reported on Oct. 13 around 11:30 a.m. at a US Bank located within a Safeway shopping center along Arden Way.

The suspect reportedly entered the bank and approached a teller’s window, where he presented a demand note which allegedly threatened violence if his demand was not met, FBI officials wrote. The suspect then fled from the area with an undisclosed amount of money he received from the teller.

Three days later, FBI investigators believe the suspect struck again, this time at a Wells Fargo located in a separate Safeway shopping center along Elk Grove Florin Road.

The suspect entered the bank, approached a teller’s window and again handed a teller a demand note, threatening violence if the demand was not met. The suspect then fled from the bank with an undisclosed amount of money, according to FBI investigators.

The suspect was seen wearing a green baseball cap with a light-colored logo on the front during both robberies, according to the FBI.

He was seen wearing a grey t-shirt with an orange construction vest over it, blue “painter pants and brown boots during the Oct. 13 robbery.

At the time of the Oct. 16, robbery, the suspect wore a white t-shirt with an orange florescent vest over it, dark pants and glasses.

Investigators describe the suspect as a Black man, aged anywhere between 35 to 45 years, with a medium build, standing about six-feet-tall.