Uber is now catering to hungry people in Sacramento.

The ride-sharing app launched its UberEATS service Thursday in the Capitol City.

The company is partnering with over 150 restaurants in the region and gives an estimate of how long the order will take and real time updates on the progress of the order. UberEATS charges a $4.99 flat rate delivery fee and has the option of leaving a tip if the customer chooses to do so.

UberEATS drivers and regular Uber drivers work separately. Uber drivers don't deliver food while driving passengers.

The business is now on a growing list of food delivery apps available in the area.

Here are some of the choices in Sacramento:

FoodJets: The company is based in Sacramento and only delivers in the region. The app delivery service starts at $2.99 and gets slightly higher depending on the distance from the restaurant. A small service fee is applied to some restaurant orders. The FoodJets website says the average wait time for an order is 24 minutes, which is almost twice as fast as many other food app delivery services. Some orders may require a minimum amount.

GrubHub: The app isn't new to the region. Customers pay a delivery fee set by the restaurant usually ranging from $2 to $6. Minimum order sizes may apply and range from about $10 to $20. Users can rate their experiences on GrubHub for future customers and the app suggests restaurants a user may like based on previous orders. The service features local restaurants and allows customers to tip on their order.

Door Dash: The food delivery service is available on an app and features options ranging from fast food, to casual or local. The app shows delivery wait times and charges a delivery fee and service fee. The service fees were originally built into the menu prices but the company broke it out as a separate fee last year. The menu now reflects in-house prices and the company said the the change lowered total prices for customers. Delivery fees can be free but usually range up to about $7.

Postmates: The national app features 24/7 service, so as long as the restaurant selected is open. Delivery fees start at $3.99 and a 10 percent service fee is also charged. Customers can tip for service and can check wait times for delivery on the app. Postmates also delivers alcohol to people over 21 and can also pick up snacks, groceries and even office supplies.

Caviar: Another national service featuring local restaurants. Caviar charges a delivery fee usually ranging from $2 to $9 and also charges an 18 percent service fee. The app shows wait times and allows you to place orders ahead of time before the restaurant is open. Caviar recently introduced order minimums.