Holiday fun can lead to serious, even fatal, consequences.

With widespread use of often illegal fireworks, Independence Day carries its own particular dangers to life and limb.

Last year in Carmichael, an 11-year-old lost part of his hand when a mortar-style firework exploded while he was holding it, according to previous ABC 10 coverage.

Also in 2016, a wheelchair-bound Sacramento woman died in an accident indirectly connected to fireworks. Laurie Hoirup, 60, had gone out on a boat with her family to watch the fireworks display from the Sacramento River. When they returned to the marina, the ramp fell as she was crossing to shore and she drowned.

Every July 4 sees its emergency room visits and close calls, but 2004 stands out for fireworks-related mayhem.

That year, a Marysville teen lost her leg after a mortar shell exploded on the ground near her feet. Her parents said she was glad it had happened to her and not anyone else.

Also in 2004, more than a dozen Natomas families were displaced after kids playing with fireworks started a fire, according to ABC 10 coverage.

The five-alarm fire gutted 16 apartments at the Woodbridge complex. Today, the only reminder is a sign at the entrance informing residents that fireworks are not allowed.

Mortar-style fireworks, which are illegal, can be treacherous even to the professionals.

Two years ago, the Cal Expo July 4 fireworks show was truncated after a mortar exploded on the ground, starting a fire. No one was hurt, fortunately.