With more than 1,500 shares and 115 comments, you might have seen this special Facebook post from the Sacramento SPCA.

The post says – through December 31st – all pet adoptions are free. And it’s all because an anonymous donor wants to honor her late animal-loving friend.

“41-year friendship between two ladies, said Dawn Foster of the Sacramento SPCA. “And through those years, they really depended on each other for support.”

Cheryl Lynn Keay loved animals with a passion, and her friend – the anonymous donor – wants to give pets happiness, the way animals made Keay happy.

“She did visit the local shelters on a regular basis. And even if she wasn’t able to adopt them at the time, she was able to spend time with them just giving them little treats, reading to them, hanging out with them, and then she did adopt a few shelter kiddos from the local shelters,” Foster said.

The donor wrote on the Sac SPCA website, “These cats and dogs are helpless and homeless through no fault of their own. My best friend’s and my dream was and is to find responsible, loving homes for all of these animals.”

The promotion started yesterday and has been met with much support online.

“In the last two days, we have adopted out 21 dogs and 17 cats, so 38 animals so far.”

Usually, adopting a dog or cat can cost up to $500 with vaccines, spay and neutering, and microchipping. But this donor is taking on all those costs for the holiday season, so that the dogs and cats her friend loved and adored – can have a special home.