Family and friends remember a Sacramento mother of six who was killed in September. They're trying to raise money for the children for their first Christmas without their mom.

Raney Cottle was sitting in her garage when she was shot on September 21. Her children were inside the home when it happened.

"We were home," said Renejia Smothers, Cottle's eldest daughter. "We heard the gunshots."

Her mother died from her injuries a week later at the hospital.

"She was pretty much my best friend," Smothers said. "I could talk to her about everything. No matter what she was there for me."

In the weeks after her mother was killed, the children were split up.

"It's just hard without our mom that was the only support we had," said Smothers. "I can still be able to see them, but it's not the same as living with them."

Cottle's friend of more than 30 years is trying to help the family out financially.

"I think I keep busy," said Jenne Esteves, Cottle's friend. "We try to do whatever we can to raise money for her."

They started up a Go Fund Me page for the children hoping to give them a Christmas after losing their mom.

Worried about their safety, the family has since moved out of the home where the shooting happened. They're hoping to get justice and find out whether the crime was targeted.