Oak Park resident transforming community and mindsets through composting.

Scott Thompson started Oak Park Soil.

He uses his bike and a trailer to carry buckets of kitchen waste to bring back to his garden behind his home.

Every day he goes to different cafes and restaurants for his usual pickups.

He gives them a bucket and he switches them out every pick up.

He's been doing this for about eight years as a business but now he's getting recognition for helping the neighborhood.

For neighbors he leaves a compost can at the Plant Foundry in Oak Park.

"I leave this here and we encourage everyone in the neighborhood or outside of the neighborhood to deposit your kitchen scraps," Thompson said.

Some of the good scraps will go to a farm to feed animals and the rest goes in piles in his yard to let nature do it's work by turning the scraps into soil.

His goal is to see Oak Park transformed.

"The bonus of trying to reduce waste organic waste and not put it in a landfill is that it turns into something useful," Thompson said. "By doing one thing, which is composting, you're not doing the worst thing which is to haul it to a landfill."