Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter says they saw nearly four times as many adoptions Thursday following their announcement that they were waiving all adoption fees during the month of June.

“Since we started the promo yesterday…we’ve had 50 animals either be adopted or reunited with their family,” Bobby Mann, the shelter’s public relations coordinator, said.

He added that on a typical Thursday, “we’re doing back-flips” if they see even a dozen adoptions.

Front Street made the announcement in a video they posted on their Facebook page Wednesday evening.

Within 24 hours, it had 2.2 million views and had been shared more than 100,000 times.

The shelter says they are waiving the fees due to overcrowding. They are also trying to proactively make space ahead of July, which is one of their busiest times.

“The fourth of July holiday is always the busiest time of year for shelters all across the country,” Mann said, “A lot of times because of the fireworks many animals run away from home, many coming in without identification, so the shelters become inundated with stranded animals.”

Front Street is also not the only shelter in the area that is overcrowded.

Lodi Animal Services posted an urgent message on their Facebook today saying that if they don't reduce their numbers they have to euthanize some of the animals.