It's only fitting that the community behind the Golden 1 Center is recognized until the very end.

On Thursday, Christopher Infantino will be singing the national anthem at the first Kings home opener game.

Infantino is one of the 4,000 construction workers who built the arena from the ground up.

"The amount of work that went into this. The blood and sweat and just, the emotional attachment. The pride that they have to building a building of this magnitude," Infantino said. "The Kings could've got anybody else to sing the anthem. They could've gotten you know your Bruno Mars, your John Legend, or anybody else to sing this. And they brought it back to the community."

As someone who has been with the building of the arena every step of the way, Infantino says he's just in awe looking at the finished product.

"The detail that's put into this project is second to none," Infantino said. "We've built hospitals, office spaces, refineries, but this was an opportunity to build a new sports complex."

Infantino led a team of electricians who wired up the arena. While on the job, Infantino got the nickname "The Singing Foreman."

"The job was really pressing, high stress a lot of times. For me, I [sang] for my sanity," Infantino said. "I would go up to some of my guys and just randomly pop into song. Throw them off. Lighten up the mood."

Infantino said he loved singing a mix of classic rock to hip hop.

"Any type of feel-good music that gives you something else to think about," Infantino said.

The opportunity to sing on the same court he helped build came when his friend posted a video of him singing while on the job. That video got the attention of someone with the Sacramento Kings organization, who then reached out to Infantino.

Infantino said the best part was when they asked him to bring his kids alongside him while he sang.

"That made my day man. An opportunity to hang out with my twin boys, have them by my side, while I sing for 17,500 people?!" Infantino said in disbelief.

The only thing that could make the moment better would be to have his grandmother here with him.

"God rest her soul, my grandmother would be livid if I [had] said no," Infantino said. "She was the one who got me in choir. I wish she could be here to see this."

Even though this is the biggest crowd he has performed in front of, Infantino said he doesn't feel nervous.

"I'm just really lookin forward to getting out there and laying it all by my side with my boys," Infantino said. "Couldn't think of a better way to finish off this project."