Sacramento City leader’s are just days away from moving forward with a program aimed at tackling gun violence in the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

In August, the city council approved a $1.5 million match to funds for the Advance Peace program, which intervenes in high crime communities and hopes to stop gun related crimes.

Advanced Peace was founded nearly a decade ago in Richmond, California by DeVone Boggan. As Mother Jones reports at the time, Richmond was considered one of the most dangerous city’s in the United States.

The controversial program places counselor’s in communities with people, mostly young men, who are most likely to take part in a violent crime.

“What became more crystal clear was connecting and engaging the right people,” Boggan said.

The program works with members for 18-months focusing on like skills and mentoring.

While Boggan said it took an entire community, city support, and multiple organizations – Since 2006, Richmond’s gun related crimes have fallen dramatically, by more than 70 percent.

In Sacramento, Advance Peace will begin focusing on working with people in high crime neighborhoods in South Sacramento. The goal is to reduce gun related homicides and assaults by 50 percent over the next four years.

Both parties are expected to sign a public contract on Monday.