As of Jan. 16, 22 Sacramento dispensaries are allowed to sell adult-use (recreational) cannabis:

A Therapeutic Alternative, 3015 H Street, 916-822-4717
Migliore, LLC, 2100 29th Street, 916-822-5699
Alpine Alternative, 8112 Alpine Avenue, 916-739-6337
All About Wellness, 1900 19th Street, 916-454-4327
River City Phoenix, 1508 El Camino Avenue, 916-925-5696
Sacramento Community Cannabis Collective, 2831 Fruitridge Road E, 916-475-1857
Golden Health and Wellness, 1115 Fee Drive, 916-646-6340
Valley Health Options, 1421 Auburn Boulevard, 916-779-0715
Northstar Holistic Collective, 1236 C Street, 916-476-4344
Horizon Nonprofit Collective, 3600 Power Inn Road, 916-455-1931
California Naturopathic Agricultural Association #7, 8112 Alpine Avenue, 916-739-6337
P.S.A.C., Inc, 2201 Northgate Boulevard, 916-565-1690
Mama N Pops Inc, 515 Broadway, 844-722-9333
Septem Coma Inc, 114A Otto Circle, 916-393-1820
Perchta, Inc. 8848 Fruitridge Road, 916-381-3769
Metro Health Systems, 6492 Florin Perkins Road, 916-382-9766
Sharp Source, 6666 Fruitridge Road, 916-476-4431
Safe Accessible Solutions, 8125 36th Avenue, 916-386-9840
Hugs Alternative Care, 2035 Stockton Boulevard, 916-452-3699
CC101, 6435 Florin Perkins Road, 916-387-6233
C9 Alliance Cooperative, Inc, 5711 Florin Perkins Road, 916-387-8605
Sacramento Commercial Services, 1421 47th Avenue, 916-706-0563

Even more Sacramento dispensaries are licensed for medical marijuana sales. Even though the state, for decades, has allowed the sale of medical cannabis, the new laws require dispensaries to now obtain a license for those sales as well.

Starred are the dispensaries also licensed to sell adult-use medical cannabis:

*Alternative Medical Center

*Golden Health & Wellness

*Valley Health Options Collective, Inc.

*Sacramento Community Cannabis Collective

*River City Phoenix

*Migliore, LLC

*Northstar Holistic Collective

*All About Wellness

*A Therapeutic Alternative Inc.

G.S.H.L.E., Inc.

Roseville Gold

Community Health Solutions

Doc's Cooperative, Inc.

Mama N Pops Inc

Perchta, Inc. A California Mutual Benefit Corp.

Zen Garden Wellness

Safe Accessible Solutions

C9 Alliance Cooperative, Inc.

Sacramento Commercial Services

Horizon Nonprofit Collective

Canna Care Inc.

Septem Coma Inc

Sheridan Law Group

State law allows dispensaries to sell cannabis between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. every day of the week, though each individual business sets its own hours within that parameter.

The city of Sacramento has several other cannabis-related businesses the Bureau of Cannabis Control has licensed. Ohana Gardens has a non-storefront retailer license to sell both medicinal and adult-use cannabis. Cura CA, LLC is licensed to distribute both kinds of cannabis. And Sequoia Analytical Labs is licensed as a testing laboratory.