A nationwide Christmas tree shortage is causing businesses to run out of their inventory faster than in previous years.

Wyatt Carlson from Foothills Christmas Trees told ABC10 that customers shopped for trees sooner this season because many of them heard about the shortage.

Carlson explained that during the recession in 2008, many tree farms stopped planting trees.

“People started taking their trees out because there was no money in it – they were just breaking even, and there was no profit. So, the trees that would have been matured now got ripped out, so that's another reason there's a shortage," Carlson said.

Since it generally takes seven to 10 years for trees to grow, the shortage is expected to last another couple of years.

The price for a tree at Foothills Christmas Trees in Cal Expo ranges between $15 to $120. Carlson said their bestseller is the six to seven foot tree that runs for $60, which is the same price it was last year.

"We don't have too much left. We have a good selection right now, but once they're gone, they're gone and we're not bringing any more down,” he added.

Carlson anticipates for all trees to sellout within the next week.

Over at the Boy Scout Christmas Tree lot in Elk Grove, trees were also being purchased sooner than in previous years. A volunteer told ABC10 that they did not increase the prices, and expect to sell most of the trees by next Saturday.