Imagine you're out on a date and things are not going well. It's not just that you're not into the other person you, think that person is acting weird and could actually be a threat. If you're in England, you could walk up to the bar and "Ask for Angela."

Posters hanging in club and bar bathrooms tell women to use "Angela" as a code word to let the staff know when they need help.We thought this sounded like a great idea.

No system like this in our area right now, but some local bartenders said helping patrons in need is nothing new.

"We feel responsible for anyone that comes in the bar...we are giving them alcohol," Low Brau's bar manager said.

Shady Lady's Travis Kavanaugh said he has intervened more than once.

"I had a situation where I had two gentleman buy a 21-year-old multiple shots," Kavanaugh said. "It got to the point that I took the shots away because I saw there intentions."

These mixologists said they have a "six-sense." Low Brau's Lyndsay Stone said she always makes sure everything is ok with her patrons and gets security when help is needed.

"Once they tell me what's going on I try and ask about the person and the situation and make sure they are in a good space. I watch the interaction and make sure they feel secure," Stone said.

The campaign that was started across the pond helps people who are feeling uncomfortable get out of the situation with a code word. There is no universal code word or practice of this type here in Sacramento, but local Shayna Bechtol said she would appreciate it.

"It gets you out of a situation without causing a scene, so you can get out of it easily," Bechtol added.