Outside Verity Baptist Church, about a thousand people showed up to protest while Pastor Roger Jimenez held his usual Sunday service.

Jimenez gained national attention after his anti-LGBT sermon following the Orlando shootings went viral.

Sunday was not the first organized protest, but definitely the largest. Everyone had some sort of sign or T-shirt, chanting messages like "Love Over Hate."

It didn't matter if protestors were straight or gay, Christian or not, the focus was love and equality.

The protest started hours before the 1030 A.M. service and people still stuck around after it ended. Sheriff's deputies had to escort church members in and out of the building. The protest did stop for a moment of silence and for the crowd to read all the names of the 49 Orlando victims.

For one protestor, Sunday was an especially emotional Father's Day. Her father passed away 10 years ago on the holiday.

"He took me to Pride when I was a kid against my mothers wishes," Darcy Totten said. "Means a lot to look around and see this many people in Sacramento, because I grew up here when this would've never happened... my dad was a big protestor. He would've been here with signs."

Totten said her mother was not supportive of her being LGBT but grew to accept Totten's partner of more than 9 years. Totten believes other anti-LGBT people can do the same.

Some media members, including ABC10, were not allowed inside for the service. After, Jimenez addressed all media: "I just wanted to say that we had a record-breaking attendance here this morning," he said. "I just want to thank the media for all the free publicity."

Another protest is planned for Sunday's evening service at 6 PM.