Thousands of flights are canceled throughout the country as Hurricane Matthew makes its way up the East Coast.

Flights at Sacramento International Airport haven't really been impacted by the storm, but people are concerned about their connecting flights.

"I'm heading to Sarasota, Florida," said Anthony Huey. "I'm heading into the nightmare of the storm."

Huey is on his way home after a business trip in Sacramento.

"This is my first hurricane since living in Florida," Huey said. "I can't imagine what a category four will look like seeing what a tropical depression did to my yard and the neighborhood."

Thousands of flights are expected to be canceled for the next few days and while Sac International isn't all that impacted, people are still worried about the safety of family and friends.

"They're prepped for it," said Brittany Owen, who is flying to Los Angeles. "They're prepared. A lot of my family and friends are freaking out about it."

Owen is on her way back home to L.A. so she's not impacted by the storm, however she's endured several hurricanes living in Wilmington, North Carolina.

"It can be devastating with the storm surges, and the rain, the people who live in the coast," Owen said.

Sac International recommends people to check with their airlines ahead of their flight.