Interdepenence Day celebrations at Southside Park in Sacramento celebrated diversity, inclusivity and innovation.

"What we are trying to do is celebrate our differences instead of creating division because of our differences," coordinator Joan Marie said.

There were several peaceful activities like dancing, music, yoga, therapy and art. ABC 10's Anne Di Grazia tried out song therapy with Sacramento's Threshold Chior. The group sang lullabies to soothe stress and bring peace.

Posts for Peace & Justice was another creative therapy choice at the event. The Arts on Purpose coordinator Lisa Parsons had several poles for people to paint.

"These posts pull people together, each posts have like 150 people on them illustrated, doing art on something they care about," Pasons said.

The goal of the day was to bring people of all walks of life together to celebrate freedom, appreciating differences and utlitzing the various therapies to work through inner conflict. Many of the various activities were different and things people had not experienced before, one was a labyrinth.

"To me the labyrinth is kind of a healing place," said Sue Anne, the labyrinth creator said.

The maze helps teach people the peacefullness of being mindful.

"I am walking through this thinking about where we might be going as a nation that is more inclusive more open," Sue said.

Coordinators said the event is part of bigger picture of creating a compassionate Sacramento and compassionate state, kick starting the Fourth of July with positivity and peace.

In case you missed it, there will be more opportunities to participate, Interdependece Day coordinators said there will be a conference in September with city and state leaders.