Some Land Park residents aren't thrilled about on-going road work.

Several people say their cars were damaged after shoddy road maintenance work.

"In the dark your headlights will glisten off of the road and it makes it look like it's completely wet after a rain but it's actually a tar," said Stephanie Duncan with the Land Park Community Association.

Duncan lives in Land Park and says she has a big problem with the roads in her neighborhood.

"What I'm seeing with this slurry is as cars are driving over it," Duncan said. "It's not only causing ruts but it's also leaving tracks of the cars behind. If you touch it I mean this is a wet, this is still a wet roadway with this slurry material."

City hired contractors have been working on road maintainence projects throughout Land Park. City of Sacramento spokesperson Mary Conrizo said the work is a part of two-part process called "Cape Seal" surfacing.

"Our intention is to shut the slurry project down until the spring," Conrizo said. "The only complication to this approach is the cape seal locations in Land Park."

Conrizo said the road-work should be completed by next week.