You've heard of Picasso's cubism, and Dali's surrealism, but have you heard of Scheible's Tapigami? I met with a local artist who has created an international name for himself by creating art with masking tape!

“I mean the thing that's the best about making art out of masking tape the way I do is that no one has ever done it before. So I get to define its purpose,” explained tapigami artist Danny Scheible.

For Daniel that purpose is making art as accessible as possible.

“I went to the hardware store and got all of the materials that self-attach and played with them and tape had the most potential. So I kept making art out of tape and giving it to people and talking to them about whether or not they were happy. What I do now is a continuation of that conversation. I've been having that every day, all day for the last 13 years.”

Now Danny, along with his friend Eben, travel the world teaching tapigami to thousands of other people. “I teach classes at Pixar, I've had shows at museums all over. When I was in China I was having a show at a museum there.” And now Danny's creating how-to kits so that even more people can learn the art form! “The goal is to make as much art as possible every day.”

For those who question the formidability of his art form...

“Have you ever been to the Maker Fair in San Mateo? There were 214 maker fairs all over the world this year with over 2 million in attendance. The Maker Fair in San Mateo is the largest one, it's 150,000 people in 2 days and there there's companies like Google and Intel and Barnes and Nobles showcasing their creativity projects and I have won more awards then all of those companies combined making sculptures!”

From decorations in restaurants around Sacramento to major installations across the world Daniel has found a way to create unique works of art with the most ordinary medium.