Bicycle repair isn't normally part of middle school curriculum, but in Nevada City one classroom is requiring it.

To get an "A" in one class at Seven Hills Middle School, students have to completely overhaul an old bike, then give it away. Those newly repaired bikes often end up in Sacramento in the hands of the homeless.

"Transportation is really important to the homeless and the kids can provide it." said Steve Davis. He runs the Bicycle Recycle program.

For the past 17 years Davis and his students have been turning rusty bikes into road ready runners for the needy. Today around 1,400 donated bikes are rebuild, top to bottom. The students study bike repair for a year then in the spring head down to Loaves and Fishes in Sacramento for their final exam.

"We raffle off the finished bikes and then for 4 hours we provide a bike repair service." Davis said. Students work directly with the homeless. So they can practice their skills and see the need first hand.