The clown hysteria has swept across the United States and with Halloween just days away, many are curious to know how police are preparing for fright night.

The clown sightings and online threats have recently become incorporated in popular culture, despite its affiliation leading to arrests throughout the country, including one in Marysville. But how are local agencies game-planning for clown calls?

Sgt. Jason Baldwin of the Citrus Height Police Department says they haven't received any direct threat of clowns in their city, but they're aware Halloween night could be different.

"We typically have increased patrols on Halloween," Baldwin said.

It can be difficult deciphering what inquiries are factual on Halloween, despite them taking every inquiry seriously. That's why Baldwin described the community as being a helpful catalyst every year.

"What we rely upon is really the community noticing out of the ordinary actions," Baldwin said. "And we are prepared to receive and act on those calls should they come in."

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department says so far they have not dealt with any clown sightings either, but they will be aware, despite not having a specific Halloween clown response plan.

"We will respond to calls for service as we usually do with patrol officers," said sheriff spokesman Sgt. Tony Turnbull. "If any crime is committed by any clown, they will be arrested just like any other person, but will make for an interesting booking photo."

The California Highway Patrol will also be vigilant and South Sacramento Public Information Officer Michael Bradley discussed their approach.

"We will have our regular patrol units on duty," Bradley said. "All officers have been briefed about the clown hysteria and the possibility of real threats and hoax/pranks in neighborhoods."

North Sacramento Public Information Officer Chad Hertzell says as of now, there's no specific plan on Halloween night, which could change later in the week. They are fully aware of expecting those calls and Hertzell adds they will just deal with the threats as they come about that day.

The consensus message among these different police agencies is that public safety is the main priority and they'll take all calls or threats to the community seriously. They're encouraging citizens on Halloween to call their local law enforcement office or 9-1-1 if they believe someone to be a threat.