In Sacramento transgender advocates said they have been consoling trans servicemen and women all day. The Gender Health Center in Sacramento is a haven to many trans people, they have clients that are in the service that receive hormones because they cannot get them otherwise. ABC10's Anne Di Grazia met with advocates Grace Lawrence and Ebony Harper at the center to talk about President Trump's recent tweets.

"There's a lot of people who are very hurt right now and in tears, I got three calls this morining," Grace Lawrence said.

Lawrence said she has received three phone calls from current trans military members and also people wanting a military career.

"This is a fight for our humanness," Harper said, "This is affecting us as a whole, not just the military, this is just making us feel like we don't have a right to the be like the rest of the world".

It was in June 2016 that transgender individuals were able to openly serve in the military, progress Harper said she thought was continuing until the new administration.

"It is like an open season right for us, like between this, the bathrooms, a lot of people are hurting right now in our community," Harper said.

Although the White House and the Department of Defense has not decided how this will be implemented these women said they are worried this will discourage people from transitioning.

"Now kids who want to be trans won't even voice it because they want a career in the military knowing that we are openly discriminated against from the president of the United States," Lawrence said.